Take control of your most valuable farm resource, your finances.

Securely organise your financial data, plan your finances, and manage your procurement in one convenient place.

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Farmland Value

Keep farm records the give investors and financiers confidence in the value of your farm assets.

We combine accurate spatial tools with rich industry data to help you build a trusted picture of the value of your farm assets..

Financial Plans

Gain new insights into the profitability of your farm enterprises.

Rather than building complex spreadsheets that are hard to keep up to date, we provide powerful tools to automatically calculate cash flows for your farm enterprises. Add all your finance liabilities, to accurately calculate your working capital requirements. Securely share your financial plans with your financiers.

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Manage your input procurement professionally.

Our financial planning tools allow you to calculate your input requirements accurately. We host a marketplace for our members that allows you to request quotations from registered suppliers and services providers, and to keep records of what you have procured.

Designed to make you productive and give you control of your data

Subscriptions for Farm Operators

We offer annual plans, but we just bump your plan whenever you need it.


R0 /mo

A free account for receiving and storing shared documents and procuring inputs on the marketplace.

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  • Receive and save documents
  • Procure inputs from registered suppliers
  • Self-help support only

R600 /mo

For farm operators that want to grow. Includes everything in Standard, plus:

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  • Create and share financial resource plans
  • Satellite updated on a regular bases
  • Market produce to registered offtakers
  • Email and telephonic support