Browse and download published budgets

To add budgets to your list you can browse existing budgets and download them. You can then use a budget as-is or make a copy that you can modify.

Browse published budgets

1. Select Enterprise Budgets from Apps Menu and click the green Browse/ Search button at the top of your budget list.

This opens the Search Enterprise Budgets modal with drop down lists for enterprise, region and publisher.

2. Use the Enterprises drop down list to search for a specific crop, livestock or fruit budget. A list of matching budgets will appear and you can use the remaining search filters to refine the list.

3. Browse the list of budgets by exploring each budget card.

  • Each budget tracks how many times it has been downloaded, cloned and used in a production plan. You can see these stats in the top right of each card. The budgets with the highest stats will be displayed at the top of the list.

  • Click on the Details button to expand the card to see the associated income and expenses.

  • Click on the Details button again to contract the card.

4. Add a budget to your list by clicking the Favourite button. A non-editable copy of the budget will be added to your list. You can continue to browse and download other budgets. Click the Close button at the bottom of the modal when you are done.