Add a legal entity

The Legal Entities tab on a customer portfolio lists all legal entities involved in the farming business. Farming business can have many different operational fronts, e.g. companies buying and selling products, trading names and private accounts for individuals. All of these different aspects of the farming business can be collected together under the legal entities tab.

The primary contact's details entered when creating a new customer portfolio automatically generates a legal entity.

Adding legal entities

  1. Select the Legal Entities tab on the customer portfolio.

  2. Click the Add Entity button in the top right corner.

  3. Fill in the Legal Entity form, as a minimum we recommend you capture the following:

  • Entity name - the official legal name

  • Entity Type - select the entity type from the drop down list

  • Registration No. - the official legal number associated with this entity

  1. Click Save

Add a legal entity

Relationships between legal entities can be captured in the Ownership Details section at the bottom of the Legal Entity form. For example, link the shareholders to a Private Company, or list the members of a cooperative. The Ownership Details section appears when you select the Entity Type.