Pasture and natural grazing

Pasture is an asset type used to demarcate the grazing areas of the farm, i.e. natural grazing and established pastures. Pasture assets require a field of type Grazing to exist in the Farms tab of the Customer Portfolio.

#Add a Pasture asset

In the customer portfolio Assets tab:

  1. Click the Add button and select Pasture from the list. The Pasture form will open

  2. Assign an Owner to this asset by selecting a legal entity from the drop down list.

  3. Choose a Farm Name from the drop down list.

  4. Choose an existing grazing field from the drop down list

  5. For Natural Grazing leave the Intensified toggle switched to No.

  6. For Established Pastures switch the Intensified toggle to Yes

  • Select the Crop with which the pasture is intensified from the drop down list

  • A planted date can be added if necessary

  • Click the Save button

  • Pasture form